Ecovillage in Israel

Kabbalistic BioArchitetture


In this ecovillage, whose structure is based on the sephirotic planimetry model and whose sacred architecture is inspired by Kabbalistic concepts, each area will correspond to a particular Sefirah.

Center for Kabbalistic Studies

One of Kabbalands objectives is to disseminate the Jewish Kabbalah, considered to be a divine science for decoding reality. This objective will be attained through progressive and systematic courses of study, open to everyone without distinction.


Kabbalart Experiential Center

Inside this center’s Kabbalistic architectonic structures, a great virtual walking tour (created by a select group of artists) will allow visitors to enjoy an interactive, three dimensional experience of the world of Sephirot and the core concepts of the Jewish Kabbalah. The Kabbaland center will also offer sites for artwork displays, media installations, concerts, etc.