Ecovillage in Israel


Shazarahel is an Italo-Israeli artist, writer and speaker.

Shazarahel is the author of the book Jewish DNA, Genetics and Kabbalah (already in its fourth edition), and Food beyond matter; the Kabbalistic secrets of the Jewish Passover meal. She has also created a photographic collection in several volumes entitled Israel in detail…

Together with a team of doctors, scientists and researchers, she has founded the magazine Madaat, a space open to any type of leading-edge scientific study and alternative medicine. A virtual place for dialog between scientific and humanistic disciplines, between modern science and Torah.

The Kabbaland team is currently composed of:

EitanEitan Israeli, founder of the project

BarukBaruch Shalev, strategic advisor




OsherOsher Sotil, bioarchitect of the ecovillage





 Andrea Pandolfi, Promoter





 Tindaro Niosi, Promoter