Ecovillage in Israel


In the forests that surround Latrun, 15 minutes from Jerusalem, there is land for sale.

We plan on building Kabbaland in this valley covered in greenery where extremely interesting heterogeneous realities already coexist side by side: as we can see on the map below, on the left there is the Nevè Shalom Oasis of Peace, founded by the Dominican Bruno Hussar, where Jewish, Christian and Muslim families live together. To the north, at a short distance, we find the old Trappist monastery of Latrun and the park of Mini Israel. To the east, not far from Latrun, we see Moshav Yad HaShmona founded by messianic Jews, deep in the woods that surround the Arab village of Abu Gosh, where the population is mostly Muslim. A few kilometers to the south we find Beir Meir, the moshav of religious Jews, inhabited by a small colony of artists, painters and musicians.

1. Oasis of Peace Nevè Shalom


2. Trappist monastery of Latrun


3. Mini Israel


4. Yad Hasmonah


5. Arab village Abu Gosh

abu gosh 018

6. Jewish Moshav Beit Meir


7. Kabbaland Ecovillage