Ecovillage in Israel

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We have already drafted the Manifest of the project. In order to start Kabbaland, we need immediate funding of about 52,000 Euros for:

BIOARCHITECTONIC PROJECT: realization of the architectural design of the entire ecovillage, achievable in three months of daily work that involves the collaboration of Osher Sotil as the bioarchitect, and Rahel Israeli as the inspiration and illustrator of the project .

LEGAL STATUS: creation of a legal status by an Israeli lawyer.

BUSINESS PLAN: appoint Israeli professionals to develop and draft a document intended to represent the future perspective on the eco-enterprise development project, with the aim to assess the feasibility and to analyze the possible effects on the major strategic choices and its financial results.

Once we obtain this initial funding, we will be able to draw up a detailed plan to be submitted to our potential investors.




Donors – Stones

Donors – Stones


  • All those who contributes at least 1000 dollars will get a print of one of the pictures, authenticated with own signature of Shazarahel and shall have a stone in the Kabbaland center dedicated in their name… and a great many stones are needed to erect a building. Why don’t you, too, become a living stone in Kabbaland?


Donors – Drops


    Everyone who makes a contribution, however, will receive a copy of e-book of Shazarahel in grateful acknowledgment.


    Thank you for your kind assistance!